I have been dithering for over a year about the future of my two long-standing personal websites at Sparroworks.ca and Greenbirding.ca. They are both over a decade old and I have really enjoyed using them to interact with friends and share garden lore, wildlife sightings, birding trip reports and the like … BUT, they are remarkably expensive to maintain (overkill on my part – paying for features I will never use). So, I have finally bitten the bullet and decided to do something about it.

Renewal time for my hosting and domain packages comes with a big bill sometime in July. By then these websites will no longer exist. They are being replaced by a new, minimalist site with just the needed features and nothing else. From this week any new posts will appear there first. The new site has a rather more obvious domain name and lives at:


Social media has taken over much of what blogs like mine have been doing – certainly for personal sites rather than business ones. I am moderately active on Facebook and I now have a presence on Mastodon too. I have begun to share my best photographs on Flickr and the above replacement website will work for my stories and commentary. This new website costs a fraction of the existing ones, does the job I want it to do and will continue to focus on occasional observations concerning wildlife, wildlife gardening and photography. On some days, other subjects will creep in, I am sure.

Please visit and tell me what you think. An email to greenbirding@gmail.com will do the job.

** Note – some of you have subscribed to the original site and get an email notice when I post something new. The mailing list has been attached to the new site so that you may continue our convenient arrangement – and I hope that you will want to.

This move will save me a good number of $$$ – happy to spend some of them on a beer for you should you be passing this way.