Kenauk – Early Morning

For the first 16 or so years we were in Canada we would rent Chalet Hidden at Kenauk for a few lakeside days of peace, quiet and trout fishing in early September. It was, probably still is, a magical place and we only stopped going because we felt it was best to leave with the best memories intact … though maybe one day (if we save up enough) we will return. half the land is now owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada while the vacationing is in the hands of a private company that markets itself to very rich people.

Anyway, in front of the cabin was a stream running from a waterfall into the big lake – early one misty morning I wandered along the peninsula this juncture made and looking back saw the line of trees holding separate the mist on the lake with clear air over the stream to the right. Always a favourite picture. Taking canoes out on the lake to fish or to watch beavers at work and listen to Loons calling are memories to hold on to.

Click here to see a “movie” of the lakeside where this image was taken and inside the cabin

Click here to get a video taster of Kenauk as a whole – it’s about two hours from home