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Common Eastern Bumble Bee

Native bee on golden rod

There are a lot of native bees – this one is the Common Eastern Bumble Bee – busy in the garden working the early fall flowers. I find this image quite striking with the bright golden rod flowers in the sun.  No need to get out the macro lenses and tripod for a subject as large as this one.

  • Aperture: ƒ/4
  • Camera: DSC-RX10M3
  • Taken: 10 September, 2019
  • Focal length: 171.89mm
  • ISO: 160
  • Shutter speed: 1/250s
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New England Asters


It’s remarkable how many of the wild Asters there are in this part of the world and we are encouraging them in our garden.  This is a “New England Aster” (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) which we culled from the wild as it was growing on a roadside verge that was due to be mown. It is now the founding father of a colony we hope to encourage on our small nature sanctuary.

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: ILCE-7M2
  • Taken: 14 September, 2019
  • Focal length: 100mm
  • ISO: 1250
  • Shutter speed: 1/100s
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A Nice Cat

Hestia went to the great sunny window-ledge in the sky a few years ago but her image (this) seems to have survived and surface recently while doing some file management. She came to Canada with us in 1998 and lived to a very old age. I think she was the last cat of ours who had an outdoor existence.

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Bee meets Wasp

At the Golden Rod Restaurant

A sunny morning brought a lot of different species of insects out onto the Golden Rod flowers. Here we have a Bombus impatiens (Common Eastern Bumble Bee) on the same cluster as a Eumenes fraternus (Fraternal Potter Wasp) and creeping in from top left a Augochloropsis metallica (Green Metallic Sweat Bee).

  • Aperture: ƒ/4
  • Camera: DSC-RX10M3
  • Taken: 27 August, 2019
  • Exposure bias: +3/10EV
  • Focal length: 51.14mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/320s
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