Plant, Landscape and Wildlife Photography

Most of my pictures are of botanical, wildlife and landscape subjects which I have found to have a certain utility in showing that conservation matters and that there are things and places and creatures out there that we need to look after. Occasionally something else pleasing creeps in such as a stack of Newfoundland lobster pots or a row of London telephone boxes that have caught my eye. I consider this to be an art and a craft, not a business. I rarely try to sell images but am always open to offers.

Richard Gregson PhD MPhil CBiol FRSB

Just Good Pictures

I am showcasing some favourite photographs and nothing else. I have another website with commentary, information about wildlife gardening and other fascinating things besides photographs. Something for the “irremediably curious”. The link is below.

Web: https://sparroworks.ca
Contact: greenbirding@gmail.com


Some Recent Photographs – There are more on the PhotoJournal Page