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I take quite a lot of photographs. Most of them support a comment or story that I share on my other website at sparroworks.ca (see the sidebar to know more about that). Some of my photographs, not surprisingly, are better than others while a few of those, I think, tell a story in their own right without the need for much more than a title. You will find those photographs here. For the most part this website is dedicated to wildlife and landscape photography.

Richard Gregson – PhD MPhil FRSB


The most recent photograph is below …

To see earlier photographs follow this PhotoJournal link … and to enlarge this image just click on it

There is a gallery containing a few small, thematic albums – follow the menu link at the top of the page or find them HERE

Why greenbirding.ca and not something more obviously photo-related? Simply because I had a paid for domain in the cupboard gathering dust and greenbirding is a thing that I do. 

This website is part of a small family of three – I invite you to poke around and, if you like what you see you can register using the conveniently located “Subscribe” button  to receive notification when a new image is posted – it costs nothing, it’s safe, your details are never shared and you can unsubscribe with a click. The three sites are these:

  • Sparroworks – stories supported by photographs. Mostly wildlife gardening and nature topics.
  • Greenbirding – this site. A few images that tell stories without needing words.
  • 1001 Species – focussed on some local guides I have written and especially “1001 Species: A Natural History of a Small Town“

* The earlier photographs on this website are here for you to browse through if you are so minded – select this PhotoJournal link or in the menu above.

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All images are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA) License … which really just means that you are very welcome to share and use any of these images, but for non-commercial purposes only and you may not alter them without permission. If you wish to use any image commercially please contact me to discuss terms and licensing.

You should also show attribution – such as © Richard Gregson 2023 for example.

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