Yellow Warbler bathes

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Yellow Warbler bathes

It seems somewhat early in the year for “confusing fall warblers” but sitting quietly with a cup of tea (Murchie’s Blend 22, of course) and buttered home bake scones with equally homemade and homegrown blackcurrant jam this late afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised to see a couple of Yellow Warblers in fallish plumage in the euonymus bush beside the garden pond from which they sallied forth to take a short bathe.

Interestingly, we see these in the spring migration and they certainly nest locally but it is not at all common for them to appear like this, just now, in the garden. One presumes that this is evidence of the new crop of junior YEWAs dispersing after fledging. It has certainly been a good year for bird reproduction.

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