“What a Dump!”

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“What a Dump!”

Overnight we enjoyed 32cm of snow on the West Island which, according to Environment Canada, is almost three times the previous record for this date at a mere 12cm – and it’s still snowing. No complaints, this is Quebec and we have proper winters here, but it is also half way through March, the snow was melting, snowdrops were poking their heads out and birds were returning … rather too early it seems. A couple of days ago I was looking at photos sent rom England where they are basking in a +18C heatwave and the daffodils are blooming.

For all that, things look gorgeous this morning so I am going to post some photographs – some of which will be about the birds because most of the day so far has involved digging a path across the garden so I could reach the bird feeders and clear the snow, making them accessible to some very grateful birds.

So – welcome to winter:

This is what we woke to:

And this is what the birds woke to:

While outside, all our neighbours were merrily digging their cars out so they could head off to work … oh, the joys of retirement and the pleasure of being able to pay a guy with a tractor and snow blower to do this for us. I don’t need the car out today, but it was in the garage and snow-free … always puzzles me why almost everyone else fills their garage with trash, leave their cars outdoors and then ,when it snowscomplains about shovelling. Funny people.

So – the feeders had to be cleared …

Everyone was grateful 🙂 

To finish – a gallery with all the snow you could ever wish for –

Click any thumbnail to open the images at full size

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