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Warbler Soup

It’s late May and the main migration should have passed through here a long time ago. indeed, the birds have been coming quite nicely, if a little behind their usual schedule. Nevertheless, just before 15:00 this afternoon and for about 45 minutes thereafter we had “Warbler Soup” in the garden – and, as usual, all focussed on the waterfall.

Blackpoll, Wilson’s, Magnolia, Nashville, Black-throated Green, Blackburnian, yellow and Chestnut-sided Warblers plus Warbling Vireo and a positive flock of Red-eyed Vireos.

Really, quite amazing. This gets the garden list up to 50 (for me) this year … J has seen more.

Here are a selection of record photographs – for the most part, the activity was in deep shade around the top of the waterfall where the camera wanted to jack up the ISO and hence increase the graininess of the images.


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