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Waiting for Winter

We;ve had a bit of frost and a smattering of snow in recent days but it is unseasonably warm right now – proper cold arrives over the weekend they forecast and then it will be brisk (or frisqué as the natives here have it) until April at least. Thus, we took advantage of being able to leave the gloves and tuques at home and went for a wander in the arboretum. Birds were not expected to produce much out of the the ordinary, but a first year Sharp-shinned Hawk landed in a tree beside the car as we drove in and posed nicely for photographs while half way aorund the trail we selected an equally young Red-bellied Woodpecker did some hacking at a tree close to us. Of course, this could have been predicted as I had taken a landscape camera with me and left the long-gun at home!

A minor irritation was provided by a couple of people sharing the trail with us. They had two unleashed dogs – the older, heavier one more or less plodded along beside them but they also had a young and hyper-active beagle that was allowed to hare off into the forest barking and yapping away. This is not good for the local residents, furred or feathered. The beagle was having a great time and I don’t blame it but the the owners were being incredibly irresponsible. My preference would be zero dogs in the place at all times but at the very least compulsory leash requirements – why is that so hard to impose?  End of rant.

The forest was pretty quiet otherwise and the colours warm and muted under a grey sky that diffused the light rather well. Rather a pleasant walk.  Here are some photographs …

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  1. Louise Gauthier 2015-11-26 at 23:22 - Reply

    Seeing your photos today from the arboretum and how I wish I could paint what you photograph 🙂
    Exceptional photos ……..thanks for sharing.

    • Richard 2015-11-27 at 00:13 - Reply

      Thank you, Louise

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