Vegan Flycatchers?

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Vegan Flycatchers?

Continuing the saga of the Great Crested Flycatchers that have raised young in our garden, it now seems that there are more of the birds in the area. At one point last night we were able to watch the usual two adults and two young in our shrubbery while hearing at least two more birds calling from neighbouring gardens – certainly at least six birds within a very short distance of the deck.

Also discovered that they don’t just eat insects – here’s one of the parents stuffing a berry down junior’s beak.

2014-07-27_ 6


In recent days we have also had a Northern Flicker snacking on the ants in our lawn … he can come back any time!

2014-07-27_ 2

As an addendum (added Sunday) I watched an adult Song Sparrow trying to feed a begging juvenile – the youngster several times rejected, almost spat out, the wiggling insect it was being given until it was presented to it is just the right orientation. Quite interesting, most adults simply stuff the food down their offspring’s throat but this time it was not accepted until junior decided it was being offered “properly”.

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