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Up in the rankings


In order to encourage birders to send in their sightings, the people at eBird run a little, relaxed on-line league table of Yard-lists and Patch lists for each province, state or county. Encouraged by posting earlier today by a friend and ace birder living not far away (thanks Mark) I thought to check this out and found, somewhat to my surprise, that I am unwittingly doing quite respectably well in the Quebec “challenge” … who knew?

Note – “most recent addition” in the tables below means most recent new species added to the respective list.

Note (2) – I am making note of the Quebec contest only, for the whole of Canada I am way down the rankings at #137 for my patch list and a slightly more respectable #75 for the yard (garden) list.

Yard list

This is number of species seen in our garden in Baie d’Urfé – we rank at #6 overall with 106 species and #31 for the current year in Quebec (though I have not been diligent this year vis-a-vis the garden reporting)



Patch list

This is whatever you designate as your patch – for myself it is the 7km radius “wildlife circle” centred on home which is admittedly larger than most patches but now I am retired, eminently birdable … ranking #6 also with 187 species



The other Patch list

I have second, smaller, patch which is the Morgan Arboretum.  Here, with 124 species I rank 35th in Quebec

Next year is the big year … I intend adding many more species, if the twitching gods are smiling, to these achievements now I have seven days a week to go looking.


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