Not a birding day, which is to say not a day on which a formal birding expedition was organised, there being other things of a more mundane and boring nature to be dealt with … buying food for example.

Nevertheless, we finished this cold month of January with two new species a total to date of 26 species in all.  Not bad for the limited geographic range I am imposing on myself.

No pictures for either bird … but a Sharp-shinned Hawk did a low level prospecting for food pass over the garden in mid-morning (well spotted, J) and then later in the day driving over the bridge across the 40 at the northern end of Blvd-des-Anciennes there was a Northern Shrike sitting at the top of a tree.  That’s a particularly nice tick for the edge of my patch … not a “soul-satisfying” view which hopefully will materialize another day but a tick for all that.