Today we walked “Bigby-A” route which extends from home to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and crosses the Macdonald campus on the way. There is a map of this route below.

In the process we recorded nine species and added three new ones to the year list giving a total of 18 species to date. All these birds are recorded by us on eBird from which we can view a list of the top-100 lists for the year in Quebec. ¬†Seems our list comes in at joint 8th without excessive effort – the guy in the lead position with 27 species is a friend of ours and he really works hard at his list so I am feeling quite good about this so far. It won’t last, the keen people will get ahead once the number of possibilities increases with warmer weather.

The new species added today were as follows (and, by the way, if you are a ‘follower’ of this site and receive emails when new posts are made you probably will not be able to see the list without clicking through to the blog from your email … this is because of fancy formatting I am using. ¬†Sorry, it’s aesthetics)::

Rock PIgeon (90), House Sparrow (3 – heard), Canada Goose (2 – on edge of open river under the SDB rail bridge)

Meanwhile, while writing this up and updating my spreadsheets, reporting to eBird etc, I looked out of the office window to see TWO foxes going hell for leather from a garden across the road and into one a couple of doors down on this side. Both animals looked in fine fettle but the slightly smaller one was clearly chasing the larger one so I infer a bit of a territorial dispute there. This is a fascinating year already and we are only four days into it.

Bigby Route A

Bigby-A Ste-Anne:Bd'U

And, for what it’s worth, our garden list stands at number 2 in the Quebec charts according to eBird … again, this won’t last so I will record the fact before things change.