Ephemerally Botanising … spring in the Arboretum

LOTS of pictures for you today ... For about two weeks at the start of May (hereabouts) the leaves have not fully opened on the trees and the flowers on the forest floor make the most of the light before they are cast in shade for the rest of the summer ... these "spring ephemerals" are showing beautifully this year. The photos that follow were all taken on a walk this morning along the orange [...]

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Purple Martins in Baie-D’Urfé

The new Purple Martin (PUMA) house in Baie-D’urfé beside the St-Lawrence Rivr has been occupied. At least 12 birds are using this housing complex and another four in a nearby, and rather older less well preserved, facility at the boat club. This house was donated to the town of Baie-D’Urfé in the fall of 2015 by Bird protecion Quebec to replace the old house that was reaching the end of its useful life.

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60 Arboretum Birds in 240 Minutes

That’s one bird species every four minutes !! Pictures follow. This morning I was scheduled to help Chris lead a birding walk in the arboretum … but we found out at the last minute (ie: 7:30am) that everyone who had signed up had phoned in the day before to cancel (but the office didn’t tell us). Who knows why? Maybe the weather was too nice to waste it on birds? Well, their loss, as together with Claude, [...]

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Bird Pool Warbler

Warblers being reported from all over the place today but up until now they have been avoiding the bird pool ... no longer, though. The rush has begun: (low light = slow shutter = not as sharp as they could be) Magnolia Warbler White-crowned Sparrow

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Mrs. Beakie

While we were in England last week there were several reports of FOS Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in friends' gardens and we fely a little left out of the fun ... but this morning a smart female came to visit and so far seems to be sticking around.  Just need a male now to complete the set.

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American Goldfinch Studies

Today is not a nice day at all and looks like getting worse so the birding itch has had to be satisfied with an unusually good selection of fairly common species at the garden feeders - including Purple and House Finches (bit not yesterday's Carolina Wren). But you don't come here for words, you come here for photographs, so here are some studies of our very common - especially today - friend, the American Goldfinch. [...]

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First Ducks

The open water above the rapids at Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue has been fairly uninhabited so far this winter but the snows are finally melting, the edges of the ice is getting raggy and starting to crack and the wind is effin-cold and strong. But - there were two lone ducks sitting on the water at the far end of the more than somewhat exposed-to the-wind breakwater - I almost didn't go see what they were as Mallard was [...]

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Spring birds

On what will probably be our last visit to replenish the feeders at the MBO this winter we were very happy to see plenty of birds enjoying the warm sunshine and melting snow (there is a list below). A surprisingly high number of Purple Finch were around - we had had a couple in the garden yesterday as well - to the extent that eBird asked for confirmation of the numbers recorded. Red-winged Blackbirds conk-a-reeing [...]

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The year’s first warbler

The garden pool and waterfall, our "bird magnet", work their magic again ... The first warbler of the year was this bright and shiny Yellow-rumped Warbler preceded by a Ruby-crowned Kinglet showing off his crest. A good number of Dark-eyed Juncos and the usual regulars. Brief view of a Thrush - probably a Hermit. Photos follow ... click to enlarge

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Gnatcatcher returns

A few days ago a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher appeared in the garden three times over a six hour period (see report and photographs earlier on this blog - 18 April). It caused a bit of excitement amongst local birders as it is a more than somewhat unusual bird for this part of the world - not unknown, but scarce. Today it reappeared and gave an opportunity to get some better photographs ... headed off to the [...]

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