Northern Spring Azure

Northern Spring Azure (Celastrin lucia) ... the azure bit comes from the colour of the upper surface of the wings, which is never revealed when these butterflies are at rest.

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Ephemerally Botanising … spring in the Arboretum

LOTS of pictures for you today ... For about two weeks at the start of May (hereabouts) the leaves have not fully opened on the trees and the flowers on the forest floor make the most of the light before they are cast in shade for the rest of the summer ... these "spring ephemerals" are showing beautifully this year. The photos that follow were all taken on a walk this morning along the orange [...]

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Spring Bee Fly

A "Bee Fly" ... I think Bombylius spp. and possibly Bombylius major which are found in this area and are (according to Marshall 2009) "welcome harbingers of spring". 

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