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Not wildlife – but interesting for all that. Last night we enjoyed a “supermoon” – or a full moon at perigee without any damned clouds to hide it!

A bit of experimental camera work managed to capture what i felt was quite a good image … Canon 400mm f 5.6 at 1000/sec which was interesting as I tried and tried to get the photo using the auto-settings on the camera and it consistently over-exposed giving a bright disc with no features. Eventually, I realised that the computer behind the lens needed a bit of help so set to shutter priority and gradually increased the speed until I got what I wanted. Almost counter-intuitive as it was very dark and you just don’t think of speeds like that being relevant.

Anyway … two photos. One of the moon and one of the moon with passing hawk (Rough-legged Hawk I think, though it’s not easy to tell for sure). Note, these hawks are usually not this far south in August and are not nocturnal … make of the piece of information what you will 😉

2014-08-11_ 5

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