Slow, slow birding

This is from a couple of days ago (the 26th). Driving past the bay we saw some “small” ducks out in the water but had neither scope nor cameras with us. I got back there as soon as I could and discovered that the “small” ducks were simply Mallards but having gone to all that trouble I took a couple of photos anyway. This is a useful lesson in size determination – unless you have a known reference to compare against it can be extraordinarily hard to say if a bird is as big as a Robin or as big as a Crow when seen at a distance.

Putting the tools back in my bag, I saw way off in the distance something darting out from a tree, swooping over the water and returning. I grabbed a quick couple of pictures and on looking at them on the computer found I had seen a Kingfisher (something I probably could not have achieved with the old lens).

Mallard - your "basic duck"
Mallard – your “basic duck”
Belted Kingfisher far away
Belted Kingfisher far away


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