Sitting out the heat on Canada Day

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Sitting out the heat on Canada Day

Today is Canada Day and Montreal is suffering (and I mean suffering) under temperatures in excess of 30C and a humidex around the 40C mark … definitely a day for sitting in the air-conditioning and staying out of the heat. We were invited to a Canada Day BBQ this afternoon but declined (other stuff to do) and are really thankful that we did – ten minutes is about all the body can take out there.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying that we will not be doing any active birding today … there are not even any active birds to go actively birding anyway.

But – a bird photo is obligatory here so, ever willing, we have provided one below. In a tall, old pine tree by our garage we are hosts to a Crow’s nest. We knew it was there because we saw the adults taking in twigs and things to build it but it was very, very well hidden. The last couple of days there have been anguished cries from the youngsters calling for “food, food, now” whenever an adult approaches and today a gap opened in the tree allowing a glimpse of the birds on their nest – I guess the heat has made even the odd pine tree bough droop a bit. It must not be much fun to be covered with thick black feathers on a day like today.

Sorry – this is as birdy as this journal is likely to get until the cooler weather returns.

The crow's nest

The crow’s nest

Adults taking a pause in the heat

Adults taking a pause in the heat

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