I was “commissioned” to seek out and photograph a memorial seat recently placed in the Morgan Arboretum by Bird Protection Quebec as a memorial to Michael Spencer – naturalist, birder, arboretum denizen and one-time President of BPQ. All we knew was that it was “near the black walnuts”. Well, mission accomplished … and what a gorgeous place this is to have as your memorial.

The black walnut trees are just north of the main trail in the arboretum and west of Pullin’s Pasture and the Bobolink Field. It is mature forest with deep shade and dappled sunlight and in the midst of an especially “birdy” corner of the arboretum. Only the forest aficionados will probably find this seat but when you do, pause a moment and listen to the trees and the birds. It’s a nice corner. The featured image at the top of this post is the view the visitor will enjoy looking up from the seat and trying to find that elusive warbler that is calling to him or her.

First, let’s look at the seat itself:

Comfortably situated just to the north side of the Yellow Trail, tucked under some mature trees

Where is it?

Around the seat …

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