Redpolls and Hawks

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Redpolls and Hawks

Tonight should be the last really cold night of the winter (by which I mean -20C or below) and yesterday was the first day since January first that either day or night has been marginally above freezing point. The snow is still deep and crisp and even and will be for a few weeks yet unless a miracle happens. The result of this being that finding new birds in the neighbourhood is simply so much wasted effort and we have to make do with enjoying old friends …

… and today’s old friends proved to be a considerable number of Common Redpolls found down at the arboretum this morning when we went to top the feeders  up with seed and a Cooper’s Hawk who sat on one of our garden feeders for a good period looking around and wondering where all the packed lunches had gone. He/she has been a regular visitor this winter, more so in the past two or three weeks, but we have not seen a kill made on our land yet though clearly, as the photographs show, he is dining well somewhere.

Here is a small gallery of hawk photographs. Click one to open a slideshow at full size.

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