Together with Jean Demers from Bird Protection Quebec this morning we lowered and cleaned out the Purple Martin house on the lakeshore grounds of the Baie-D’Urfé town hall and prepared it for the soon to be returning birds.

This PUMA “condo” was donated to the town three years ago by BPQ and is an important addition to the support system for these vulnerable birds. The featured picture heading this post shows the tenants living in the condo in a previous summer.

Purple Martins are the largest of the “Swallow” species that breed in this region. Like all of the insectivorous species they are in decline all over the continent. Not only are they almost exclusively dependent on the provision of artificial nesting cavities such as this condo unit provide now that there are fewer and fewer natural nesting cavities in the environment, they are being heavily affected by the ever declining number of insects for them to feed on. Insects that are markedly declining in numbers because of tidy gardens, insecticidal sprays, agricultural practices and the like.

You can read more about these beautiful birds and the threats to their survival by following this link:

The PUMA “condo” lowered for cleaning

Checking for last year’s nest remnants

Ready for this year’s tenants to return

Featured Image
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Purple Martins at the town house last summer