I went back to the arboretum just before dusk this evening to prowl the area of the pinery and try to locate the Great Horned Owls that have been calling at dusk recently but serious cold magnified by standing about listening limited my time in the vicinity somewhat.

At one point I did hear a single “call” from the right area but it was brief and fleeting and I don’t want to add the bird to my year list on just the strength of that … it may have been a wishful-thinking-bird. As they are in the area, as they have been in recent years, they will be raising young soon and I wil return on a slightly warmer evening. They aren’t going anywhere.

However, while keenly listening and with hearing aids turned up to maximum volume, I was trying to filter out the calls of captive Ravens from the EcoMuseum to my rear when I distinctly and unmistakably heard two separate answering calls from the forest in front of me. There be Common Ravens (#32) in them there trees.