We took an excursion down to Pointe-des-Cascades this morning to see what might be about. One thing that was about was a water rescue practice session for which they had closed off the pier at the opening to the canal so we were not able to get along it and close to the tern rocks. Another time.

Green Frog
Green Frog

Many frogs of all sizes and species hopping about in the grass, a beautiful snake, White Admiral butterflies (Basilarchia arthemis – also known as the Banded Purple butterfly) and Pallid-winged Grasshoppers (Trimerotropis pallidipennis) … and some birds. The birds were not as in your face as they were when we were here a couple of weeks ago – migration has started and today was a quiet day but for all that we had fun. Fewer terns and gulls but there was a Caspian Tern with the Commons, and on pretty much the same rock he was on a fortnight back.

A partial reason for this trip was to get in some practice with the new lenses – the 300mm lens hand-held is fine, with the 1.4x extender it benefits from the monopod but is generally sharp, with the 2x extender a monopod is mandatory. Well, that’s not a surprise.

Took quite a few pictures so, to save space, I have put them in a gallery hidden behind a collection of thumbnails (click on one to enter the slideshow at full size). If you subscribe to the journal and receive notification of this posting via email you will need to actually visit the site – click on the title above – to see the gallery.

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