When groups of birders go out on an organised walk in the wild looking for birds the activity is usually called a field trip. For some reason I have never really liked this term, though I use it all the time, as I feel a field trip ought to be more science directed than these pleasant gatherings usually are.

When J and I go out birding we spend at least as much time as we do on the birds in regarding plants along the way – often photographing (or “digitally collecting”) flowers and mosses and leaves. Sometime we do this with others … is this really a field trip, are we seriously birding or botanising?

Earlier this morning an enjoyable, and rambling, exchange on Facebook with a field trip leading friend who was wondering about the differences between the words amble and ramble, caused me to think … note, it was pretty early on a Sunday morning so please cut me some slack here.

My brain, stimulated by the morning cup of tea, put Birding and Rambling together and came up with “Brambling”. I think that is a nicely descriptive word for what we do … To Bramble, taking a semi-directed walk in the countryside that involves attention being paid to both birds and plants (and probably frogs, toads and insects also). Even more apposite, a Brambling is a small northern European Finch also known as the Cock of the North – (picture at the top was borrwed from the web). Henceforth I shall go Brambling.

So, BRAMBLING … I offer this peaceful activity to the world. Please use at will. No charge.