We have been asked to monitor Purple Martins at the two condo units by the Baie D’Urfé boat ramp on the lakeshore. Early scout PUMAs have been see yesterday at Dorval so, although it’s a week early, we thought to start the surveying today.

A warmish 12C with bright sunshine. The bay still has some rather rotten ice in it, though that will be gone in a day or two. A few Ring-billed Gulls around as well as Song Sparrow, Northern Flicker (heard), Cedar Waxwings, Downy Woodpecker and an Eastern Phoebe sallying from the trees by the town hall for insects … a good sighting, that last one, as it’s a year first but also it shows there will be food for the PUMAs when (if?) they do return.

Earlier in the day there were a couple of Turkey Vultures over Pincourt and some Canada Geese near the Macdonald Campus.

Year patch list stands at 45 species to date – see http://sparroworks.ca/wildlifing/listing/2015-patch-lists/ for details

Pictures – click to enlarge: