New species for the arboretum checklist

We needed some exercise this morning and went wandering in the arboretum. Nothing very exciting (as in new) on the birding front as it is a Sunday in ski season and dogs were being walked but we did pick up a couple of Pileated Woodpeckers, a Downy, the usual BC Chickadees and hordes of White-breasted Nuthatches, an Am-Robin, a Crow and what is probably a new species for the arboretum.

Three or four days ago someone reported seeing a Carolina Wren near to Chalet Pruche and the report appeared on eBird. This would be a first if confirmed and just before noon, walking beside the ski-tunnel NE of the chalet (at 45.436186,-73.947127 – there is a 3D map below for anyone interested in getting it themselves) we were loudly serenaded for several minutes by a Carolina Wren … so yes, the arbo checklist has gained a new species. That would be really neat if it can find, or has brought along, a mate. This makes my personal arboretum life-list come to 125 species.

Today’s photo is simply an American Goldfinch high up in the trees. This is winter plumage, the bright yellow returns in spring and summer.

AMGO arboretum


Location of Carolina Wren
Location of Carolina Wren

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