Nest-building time (and another warbler)

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Nest-building time (and another warbler)

A lot of the best birding around here is done in the garden – and not just because we say so. The good people at eBird list our garden as the 14th birdiest garden in Quebec … OK, I know that actually means the 14th birdiest garden belonging to someone who reports their sightings to eBird and has registered their garden with them but then again, those are the only sort of people we are competing against. The rest don’t count.

Just before lunch today, the Waxwings were¬†all over the place again and we several times heard a Black-throated Green Warbler from somewhere in the dense fir trees batween our garden and the neighbour down the slope but despite diligent searching we failed to see it. Number 50 though … who or what will be the sixtieth patch bird of the year?

Anyway – more nice photos. Yesterday evening the local Waxwing flock came to bathe at the top of the waterfall and this morning the Crows were very busy gathering material for their nests. This is all good.

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