Needs a steady hand …

I have developed a sudden interest in mosses … don’t ask, but it’s popular in Japan apparently. Interesting things anyway, if I remember my botany classes from 40+ years ago, and a field guide is this moment winging its way to me from the good people at Amazon. A state of the art hand lens is also needed.

Mosses – this means I can start a new life-list in the spring of very tiny things that don’t move around a lot. However, and this is where today’s experiments have gone awry, they are so small and tiny that they need photographing for posterity … so out to the garden I went on this exceptionally warm and spring-like day in November in Quebec with spiffy camera and very fine macro lens to see what we have close to home. What I did not take was a tripod as at least two of the five mosses I found would necessitate wading in the garden pond and risking a soaking for both myself and the camera. “It’s sunny”, I convinced myself, “I can do this hand-held”. Not so at all … but here are the best of the images just to establish my credentials as a mossologist. Tomorrow the tripod comes out too and we try again.

First here is a a mossy clump from Kenauk a couple of years ago at about the true limits for hand-held clarity followed by today’s “efforts” – which will acquire names when the book arrives.

Mossy cushion from Kenauk 2013
Mossy cushion from Kenauk 2013


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