I have just been exchanging emails with a green birder in Michigan called Josh Haas.

He did a Bigby (Big Green Big Year) in 2013 and wrote about it on his blog, including a neat little promotional video about what he was doing.  You can enjoy it at …  http://www.glancesatnature.com/bigby.html

A local newspaper carried an article about him – see http://swmichigan.secondwavemedia.com/features/JoshHaasspeaksaboutspotting200birds0206.aspx

Needless to say, once you have seen the video and your mind has conjured up an image of what I look like (these days) you will see that there is no comparison between us at all.  I am pretty sure that if I get the flashy birding suit and the carbon fibre bike I will be able to do as well as he did? What do my lady birder friends think?

Gives me an incentive to beat him though … can’t let these fit young guys get all the glory.

This is more the way i expect my green big year to play out –