Faithful followers of this blog will have seen the photographs of the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker that has been coming to our feeders for the past several days – long after he should have left for the south. he has a similarly laggardly “friend” up in Tadoussac this year but that seems to be it for the end of November in Quebec. It is especially cold today and he has not been seen yet so we hope he has got the message and started moving – otherwise, things do not look good for him though he is certainly well filled with peanuts from our feeders.

I checked with the MBO and their records show it should have gone a good month or more ago. I then checked where he is supposed to be by looking at the distribution maps for the species that area available on eBird.  The map below shows up to date records of where Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers are being seen right now … with our chap stuck out to the north (the Tadoussac bird is hidden under the white flag).  It’s amazing what information is available in eBird – love it.

Let’s hope he is flying hard and fast for the USA as I type. I trust he is simply late and not “late”.