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More Bobolinks

We returned to Bois-de-la-Roche this morning to continue the monitoring of Bobolinks.

Slightly over 20 birds were again seen in territories as marked in the map below showing the tracks we have walked while observing (blue and red) with very approximate areas of highest territorial activity being seen (white) on each of the two visits to date. Field numbers are marked in yellow. Obviously territory is pretty fluid at the moment but flight-displaying birds appear to be returning to singing posts within the areas marked.

Almost the same number of birds as seen last week. Quite a number of male display flights with rather fewer male/male chases. Frequent singing from territory. Greatest area of activity is in the eastern side of field 9 with some birds crossing back and forth into field 5. Territories in field 14 fewer and more dispersed with low ridges in the field separating birds as natural boundaries. Flight activity notably drops off in frequency around 9am on both days (and when wind gusts increase) but singing continues.

Plenty of other birds around, of particular note Baltimore Orioles, of which there are several. A Kestrel hunts these fields too –  hovering over our heads especially around fields 3/4/5. Savannah Sparrow in field 14.


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