This is the time of year when gardeners throughout the land start tidying up before the winter. Leaves are raked and bagged and put out by the kerbside to be collected, seed heads are chopped and a frenzy of neat-nickery inflicts our neighbours.

Not necessary – not even desirable.

Check out this link from Cornell University and Nature Conservancy’s Habitat Network and learn how you and your garden wildlife will all be much happier if you leave the clean-up until the snow melts in spring.

This is the style of gardening we have employed for years and it makes such a dufference to the creatures that spend their winters with us.

Best quote:

Gardens can be alive all year if we embrace a new paradigm of seasonal lazy gardening. One person’s mess is another person’s gift to wildlife. Go ahead, put away the shears, set-down the rake, pull up a lawn chair, and join us in celebrating the abundance that can emerge from a messy garden.