Mesozoic Birds (with video)

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Mesozoic Birds (with video)

Here’s your thought for the day … Tyrannosaurus rex had feathers and has been described as the “20,000-pound Roadrunner from Hell” .

Last year at around this time I took a short online course (University of Alberta Palaeontology Department via Coursera) on the subject of how birds evolved from feathered dinosaurs. Of course, I had known about this for years but hadn’t got into the subject in any depth. Quite fascinating and a couple of winter months spent very profitably. Somebody has even created a (not so) spoof field guide to “Mesozoic Birds and Other Winged Dinosaurs” that you can buy from Amazon.

So today, coincidentally, this article popped up on my screen (thank you Facebook … you do have your uses). Click the link that follows:

Anyway, this short article from Cornell is an excellently brief overview of this fascinating – to me – subject. Have a read, it’s jolly interesting. The video below is less than a minute and gives an informative introduction … look at the (greatly simplified) changes in the bones of the pectoral girdle.

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