We will only be doing this until the end of the month when banding gets under way again, but this morning we went up to the MBO to top up the feeders. Last year there was a lot of bird activity but generally speaking this winter there have only been the regular Chickadees with occasional guest appearances by other species.

There have been signs of a thaw recently, or at least I can say temperatures are closer to zero than they have been for the past couple of months. There was light snow this morning when we set off and blowing snow too with a good wind but once we arrived at the feeder station (which was recently moved into a shelter thicket of thorny bushes) it was evident that was going to be a busy bird day. Chickadees, of course, telling us to hurry up and get to it, but also a considerable number of Common Redpolls, at least two American tree Sparrows, House Finches (a pair of females), A Euro Starling, some American Robins and a small group of foraging DE Juncoes (recently, in another forum,  named as JunKos which I think must be the German militarised sub-species).

Of course, not expecting much, I only had the portrait/landscape lens with me on one of the cameras but for all that, with a bit of judicious cropping, I managed the following photographs. Surprisingly detailed for a lens not intended for sharp shots of distant birds against the snow.