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I have been searching for a long time for a good route mapping app for my iPhone and while I have found several that do the job they are all really created for people trying to get fit and keep bothering me with emails suggesting I get out and run a marathon. Finally, the holy grail, I found EasyTrails which does exactly what I need and doesn’t nag – there is a record of our walk in the image below (3.65 km if our athletic friends are interested).

Took it for a trial this morning when we went to monitor the Purple Martins … of which we still have five pairs in the main condo all quite happily doing their PUMA thing together. The other condo has a pair of Tree Swallows on the water side and a pair of House Sparrows “round the back”.

Also seen a gorgeous pair of Baltimore Orioles who seem to have established territory down by the waterside … next visit I will take the camera.


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