Looking after your every need in the air

//Looking after your every need in the air

Looking after your every need in the air

In my last post I amused myself with old railway posters and the “romance of steam” … which naturally led my thoughts to old airline advertising. Much what you would expect except for the fact that every airline and its dog back in the day employed charming hostesses (no cabin staff for them) to look after the carefully suited flying chaps and their ladies.

When service was right over the top (of the world) …


… errr, no. She doesn’t look very pleased by the suggestion


Now there’s leg-room you don’t see today.


Important that hostesses don’t have hairy armpits and were pleasingly fragrant


Swiss Air with style … you probably needed that drink


Really – this is an airplane


This would probably be an illegal advert today – certainly Twitter would have something to say about it


Not on any plane I’ve flown on


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