This in environmental post so appropriate for the Greenbirding website I think. This morning at 7:30 we were less than pleased to hear the penetrating noise of leaf blowers from a neighbours yard being wielded by their garden contractors. We thought they would be finished soon. We breakfasted, did some chores, went out for an hour and it is now 12:45pm and the blowers are still blasting away. Five hours plus!

Is this reasonable? I think not, in fact it is very unreasonable. This is not a huge mega-sized MacMansion, it’s just regular sized plot the same as ours. I can clear my leaves quietly with a rake in an hour or two whereas this place seems to need two industrial blowers going sumultaneously. There’s a picture of their equipment here.

I got so annoyed I made a short recording of the sound we have suffered since early morning. Turn up the volume and “enjoy”

This comes from the fanatical obsession people have with tidiness when they could have had this stuff raked and into a compost pile in less than half the time. What’s more not being tidy is better for the garden and the wildlife as winter approaches.

To say we are annoyed is putting it mildly … and this is just one garden and one contracting company. What’s more, other contractors arrived along our short road during the day and the last one stopped blowing after dark.