Late winter birds

Minus 20C at morning tea time today was not a good sign … these are temperatures more usual in mid January than early March but by the time we were ready to sally forth the numbers were up about 8 or 9 degrees and the sun was shining bright and clear from a blue sky. In other words, a beautiful late winter day to go out and see what was happening in the bird world.

Male House Finch
Male House Finch

What was happening (apart from a dearth of new species for the year list) was obvious signs of approaching spring. Hard to believe given the deep snow and the temperatures mentioned above but the couple of overwintering (foolish creatures) Red-winged Blackbirds we have been keeping an eye on were belting out their territorial spring Conk-a-ree calls with gusto for the first time this year and the trees and shrubs were alive with singing and whistling

Several people recently have commented on the increasing numbers of Cedar Waxwings and we found a small twittering flock of them who were not at all shy and posed beautifully for their portraits.

There is just so much good stuff I missed in those 44 pre-retirement years …. why did I ever waste time going to work? Silly question, I know, but it does make you realise that you have to make the most of the years ahead. Not getting any younger.

Quite a few photos this time so they are in a gallery – click any thumbnail to see the full size versions more clearly

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