Late Snow Goose

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Late Snow Goose

Snow Goose

Michel knocked on the door and tipped me off about the presence of a late-travelling Snow Goose on the river at the end of the road.

Grabbibg coat and camera I headed down there, abandoning my lunch in the process (!). The water is starting to freeze over today, not surprising as it was -16C this morning, and there was a large flock of some >500 Canada Geese skulking along the margins and on forming ice sheets. It took a bit of scanning but eventually I found the white goose on white ice with its head tucked under a wing. There were a lot of mallards there too and one came in for a clumsy landing nearby which made the Snow Goose stick its head up to look around.

Rather late for this species, they should have all passed through by now, but convenient for me.

A small corner of the main flock of Canada Geese

One small corner of the main Goose flock

Canada Geese

Mostly Canada Geese


Snow Goose keeping its head well covered

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