Had to walk down to Ste-Anne’s this morning on a boring but unavoidable task so we later wandered out beyond the locks to see what was happening on the river.  The trees are starting to change colour and the sun is set to shine for several days so things looked good – of course, as this was a “business” trip I only had the iPhone camera substitute with me.  Anyway …

On the little islet at the tip of the breakwater there were 50 or more Ring-billed Gulls (as usual) and a Great Blue Heron. As we stood there admiring the view a Great Egret flew in and settled in the shallows some 30 feet or so away and commenced to fish.  It seemed to be successfully catching tiddlers. After five minutes or so a Belted Kingfisher came low across the water from the Senneville shore and settled briefly on the breakwater edge nearby to think about things before taking off once more and hovering in the air over the head of the Egret, presumably to see if the fishing looked promising.  deciding it probably wasn’t worth doing any poaching it took off again across the river towards Ile Perrot.

For those not familiar with this site, here is a picture looking up river from the Ste-Anne breakwater – the Egret is in the water in the lower left quarter just above the small patch of reeds.


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