Kenauk for the day

Kenauk for the day

This is the first year since 1998 that J and I will not be renting a cabin at Kenauk – for excellent reasons – and we had resigned ourselves to missing a September week in our favourite place on earth. Thus, it was a very welcome surprise to be invited by our friends at the Nature Conservancy (NCC) to spend an afternoon there in the company of a select group of sponsors and supporters … not a chance that we could possibly miss. Given the glorious weather, not one we could have afforded to miss either.

I’ll give fair warning – this account of an unexpected day at Kenauk does contain at the very end a gentle “suggestion” (by no means an appeal and entirely without expectations) concerning our favourite conservation charity if your spare cash is looking for a good home and you are looking for a tax receipt.

I could bore for ever about Kenauk and most of you will have seen my many galleries of photographs of the place (of which a small and select one is to enjoyed here) before today, but to fill in the background and why NCC are now in the picture there you could do worse than look at this link.

From the invitation we inferred that guided walks along leafy trails would be the order of the day but it turned out better than that … we were directed to the marina at the southern end of Lac Papineau where a small flotilla-ette of pontoon boats had been assembled to take us for a cruise on the lake to Ile-des-Indiens where we enjoyed presentations on the old-growth forest and some of the rare plants and birds. Once our brains were filled with fascinating facts we were back onto the boats and welcomed at one of the very few large private “cottages” on the lake for drinks and snacks followed by the anticipated, but gentle, sales pitch from NCC as to why we should support their work even more than we do now. They are very, very good at this, really professional and such a really nice group of people too. All charities should be this good. Well, they were preaching to converted with the group they had invited. No doubt about that.

Now the small sales-pitch of my own. The work of NCC is unsurpassed in its effectiveness and now that they are working at Kenauk … well, why would we want to support anyone else? This is a stunningly beautiful and totally unique habitat within an hour or two of two major cities, Montreal and Ottawa, that contains rare and vulnerable species and which connects to more northern tracts of land forming a wild-life corridor from the Ouatouais River into the boreal forest that it is the NCC’s vision to preserve and enhance before it is lost to cottage-development and pollution. If any of your charity donations are intended for conservation work you cannot do better than to direct them towards NCC in Quebec. And here’s the link … 

And so – you didn’t come here for the words really, you came for the pictures. Just a few from yesterday’s afternoon – for the spectacular stuff visit the gallery I placed a link to earlier in this post. As usual, click on a thumbnail to see them all in a full-size gallery. Hovering over any thumbnail will reveal its caption.

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