Junior Squirrels

Not ready to go full time with this blog quite yet, but nevertheless, wildlife tends to thrust itself under your nose.

A family of four junior red squirrels have emerged from a nest somewhere in our roof and are busy learning to be surviving squirrels in our garden fattening up in the process on the pine nuts etc in our trees

Yesterday, three of them were gorging in the tree next to our deck. Really cute little guys in need of names – and no, we don’t know their genders but courtesy of friends on Facebook they have been named (gender-neutrally) Cromarty, Forth, Viking and Dogger … and no, you’ll have to use Dr Google to find out why if you don’t recognise the allusion.

The three youngsters - give them names

The three youngsters – Cromarty, Forth and Viking.  Dogger was off by himself somewhere.

Note that American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)should not be confused with Eurasian red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris); since the ranges of these species do not overlap, they are both commonly referred to as “red squirrels” in the areas where they are native. The specific epithet hudsonicus refers to Hudson Bay, where the species was first catalogued by Erxleben in 1771.

An older relative - could be a parent but we don't know

An older relative – could be a parent but we don’t know

A very, very young squirrel

A very, very young squirrel



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