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My small intentions to bird my patch this year (primarily) by self-powered methods rather pales into insignificance when compared to these two uber-greenbirders. One can only wish them well:

Firstly, we have a fellow taking a year off from work to bike 15000 miles around the USA doing a biking big year. You can follow his exploits at … in the process he aims to raise $100,000 for conservation.

Then last year a birder in Arizona broke the (thus far) green big year listing record. An account of his achievements is at

The chap doing his cycling in 2014 is a mere youngster and so by definition fitter than am I but the record holder from last year is only about five years younger than me, which rather removes any excuses I might make when it comes time to get the bike down from its rack and oil its chain.


Meanwhile – another record-breaking cold day here in Baie d’UrfĂ© and a mega-dump of snow forecast for Sunday/Monday. The sun is shining though and I have the exploits of the above birders to read about.

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