In search of the Goglu …

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In search of the Goglu …

We have been Bobolinking again. An area of fields and woodland within my birding patch (owned by the city – restricted access so if you wish to see them too you need to get a permit to enter the site) is being surveyed for Bobolinks (in French called “Goglu” – a more apposite name, I think, once you have heard their song) and once again we are involved.  Today was the first formal survey and J and I set out to start the ball rolling while a rota of other birders is assembled to take other days over the next few weeks.


Lots of birds – in fact something like 24 Bobolinks altogether – a really good number seeing how much space they like and how little habitat suitable for them there is. There is a gallery of photographs at the end of this post … each bird you see there is a different individual so you can get an idea of how many there were.  Plenty of other good birds too including American Kestrel, several Baltimore Orioles, Warbling Vireo, innumerable Red-winged Blackbirds and a Killdeer.

My more formal report was as follows:

Observers:  Richard Gregson / Jean Harwood Gregson
Start time: 08:05
End time: 10:00
Total time: 115 minutes
Weather: 10C rising to 12C – overcast – strong NW wind back to W – no ppt


Field Male Female Comments
7 1
8 4 1 Several male display flights – mostly “sitting on a stick singing”
4/5 3 3 Two instances of m/f chases. Multiple instances of male display flights
10 1 (?2)
9 6 3 At least one m/f chase. Multiple instances of male display flights
14 2 (?3)
TOTAL 17 (?19) 7


  1. Highest concentration of inter-activity was across the field boundary between fields #5 and #9 with territorial contests between several males.

  2. Just before 9 am the wind strength increased noticeably and almost all flight activity stopped for a period of 15-20 minutes before resuming.

Now the pictures … click any one to open a full size gallery

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