Around the time I retired (four years ago) I created a freebie website for the sort of stuff that Greenbirding now handles rather better. I was intending to delete it as I have not posted to it for over a year and had almost forgotten its existence … but, WordPress being the excellent tool that it is, I have instead simply imported the posts from that site to merge them with this one. At least the pictures of bugs and birds will be preserved.

And why do you want to know this? Well, you don’t unless you are really stuck for something to do on a cold, wet afternoon. However, there are some old posts you may find interesting and I have picked out five from the archives to tickle your fancy:

Milkweed aphids :

Fairy umbrellas :

Mossology 101 for Bio-nerds :

The Sound of English Birdsong :

Conserving Common Species :