People think of Hummingbirds as being exotic creatures from the tropics, but have one smart little bird, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, that breeds in the forests of Quebec north of us ( At this time of the year, as summer slows down, they re-appear in this area. In particular new Hummingbirds starting to earn their trade.

In the garden they particularly like to exploit the bright red flowers of the canna lilies, the fuchsias and, by contrast, the tops of branches of the various conifers. Usually they flit in and as quickly out again and never arrive when there is a camera to hand – but around early afternoon today this youngster came close and came when i had a camera near me so finally, here are a couple of shots of a Canadian Hummingbird. This is young bird without its red gorget.

2014-08-19_ 1 2014-08-19_ 3