Took a turn today to see how, if at all, the ice on the river was doing. Up near the Ste-Anne rapids it is indeed breaking up bit by bit but the volume of water roaring through is so high that the only waterfowl around were three of the faithful Common Mergansers that have been there all winter – far over on the other side from me and sheltering in the lee of rocks.

Nearer home, however, I got some luck. On the edge of the river just opposite the campus a small open area has appeared and it had three Canada Geese beside it. Stopping for a luck I saw something move just beyond some reeds and found that I was looking at a pair of Hooded Mergansers … number 40 for the patch list.

I got some photographs anyway, a bit grainy but they will suffice as record shots, I think. Nice birds and very welcome back.

2014-04-10_ 14 2014-04-10_ 21 2014-04-10_ 22