Getting started

Getting started

This blog will take off properly in September (2013) once I have moved from a five-day-a-week-and-then-some professional life to one of retirement with time to go wildlifing/birding a bit more frequently than just at weekends.

I shall be posting here about the birds, and trees and flowers and insects to be found on my patch – an 8km diameter “wildlife circle” about which you can read by clicking the links in the above navigation bar.

There is another blog, one from which this was derived, that has been maintained for some years. ┬áIt has plenty in it about birds and birding all over the world but also covers gardening and bread making … if you are interested in this it might give you a hint of what is to come on this site. Here it is –

Meanwhile, here I am just grubbing about on my patch.

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