Hello. Is there anybody there?

//Hello. Is there anybody there?

Hello. Is there anybody there?

I think that I am slightly more au fait with electronica than many people and am rarely fazed by a bit of software or the need to tweak a website … but last night I was brought up short.

I have a minor complaint about a “new feature” being served up via the CBC News live streaming app on my Apple TV box and wanted to ask the gnomes in charge what the heck they think they are doing and did they really want to force me back onto cable.

Send them an email and firmly ask the man in charge was my default setting so off I went in search of a “contact us” link on the CBC website. Nary a one to be found (though they do have a snail-mail address). Frustrated, I delved deeper and some six layers down in a rat’s nest of links I found a one-line suggestion that I might contact the programme via Twitter or Facebook if I really wanted to though they would rather I didn’t bother.

Grumbling mightily, I composed and sent a short and pithy FB message and was amazed to get a reply within five minutes, seemingly from a real person. OK, it was late on Saturday night and the “real person” was probably an unpaid intern sent off for the weekend with a laptop to keep the peons quiet with holding messages … but at least I had finally contacted someone. Whether it was effective we will know in due course.

But why is this happening? If they can have a guy monitoring social media they can have him checking emails too. Just like they used to do. Email is simply better for communicating anything beyond comments on the weather (far too hot, very steamy, thanks for asking). It’s not that I can’t do FB etc it’s just that I do not think it is appropriate for this sort of exchange and certainly not fileable and searchable in the same way formal emails are. I am genuinely curious to know why this change is creeping upon us, why the links are so well buried and what the corporation(s) think they will get out of it? ¬†Could it possibly be that they don’t really want to exchange thoughts with the customers?

Grumble, grumble. What is the world coming to?

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