Green Birding has its downside

//Green Birding has its downside

Green Birding has its downside

There is a gorgeous little bird known as a Townsend’s Warbler – all yellow and black and jewel-like – that is not supposed to be in Quebec (it is supposed to restrict itself to the western side of the continent) yet one has been drawing crowds of excited birders for the past three days to a site within an hour’s drive from here and even closer as the crow flies … but I have been strong and have not gone to see it because that would mean unjustifiable carbon emissions. Still, it would be a nice bird to see for all that and I shall have to hope that some future, and more justifiable, trip out west will include a chance to see the bird in its home range.

Which brings me to a more philosophical comment. It’s purely a personal thing and I do not denounce anyone who has rushed off to see this bird recently but for me a bird seen is a better bird if it is seen in its normal and natural environment and not some sad stray that has either been blown off course or has got its navigation wiring scrambled in side its tiny brain. A lost wanderer is not a terribly essential tick for my list and I would rather be walking or biking nearer to home base.


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