Good things come to he/she who waits

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Good things come to he/she who waits

First Red-winged Blackbirds (at last) in the garden, to say nothing of “our” Carolina Wren … Earlier today I posted a “snow storm – non  birding” entry to this journal and then sat looking out the window for a couple of hours. Well, I shouldn’t have been so ready to be gloomy about the weather because early afternoon three Red-winged Blackbirds dropped in together to snack on seeds thrown down from our feeders by the smaller birds.

Not the first RWBLs for this year’s year-list – we have seen them already at the MBO (numbers were up a couple of days ago with new arrivals joining the lone pair who have overwintered there) and a week or so ago at the Philipsburg bird sanctuary down near the US border – but these are the first garden Red-wings of the year and so noble birds well worthy of note and comment. Finally, despite today’s rather large snow dump. I feel it is fair to say that spring is on the way.

Yesterday, our Carolina Wren whom we have not seen for a few weeks returned to the garden and spent quite a bit of time around and about, ending with his sitting in the fir trees to the side of the house and singing his little heart out with his merry spring song.

And about time too … so here are some photographs.

2014-03-22_ 7 2014-03-22_ 9 2014-03-22_ 12 2014-03-22_ 16 2014-03-22_ 18

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