Good Friday Birds

Some moderate additions to the various lists today. Took a short drive along the north shore of Ile-Perrot (so that’s wildlife circle birds but not Bigby patch birds … there’s a page on this site explaining that if you are new here) and found that the ice is definitely leaving us. Lots of open water but still ice along the shore-line so the birds were mostly pushed out a fair distance.

The first of what will be many Turkey Vultures in the months ahead was wheeling over the bridge at Ste-Anne as I left the island. Along the edge of the island were a lot, maybe 150-200, Canada Geese lolling on the edge of the ice and occasionally splashing around in the cold water. Just beyond them were rafts of Greater and Lesser Scaup (a bit too far to get sharp photographs. Closer in where the ice was not so think were occasional Hooded Mergansers and some small groups of Bufflehead. As you would expect, Ring-billed Gulls were not hard to find. A solitary Double-crested Cormorant was also seen. I had seen several of these a few days ago on the patch but for some reason did not make a note.

Meanwhile, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker appeared in the garden at breakfast time. We had a ‘heard’ record from a month or two ago in the Arboretum and had seen one in the garden a couple of times just before the new year but this is the first ‘seen’ sapsucker of the year.

Keeping track of all the various options and overlapping lists is proving to be complicated … I may need to simplify the procedure soon before the big spring migration rush overwhelms me. Anyway, while I am still on top of the list keeping you can check the species to date (a year list so far of 53 for Canada with 48 within the patch/circle of which 45 count as Bigby-birds) at this page: 

A pair of fuzzy Scaup (can't tell which from this image) out amongst the icebergs
A pair of fuzzy Scaup (can’t tell which from this image) out amongst the icebergs
Double-crested Cormorant parading past some Scaup
Double-crested Cormorant parading past some Scaup
Female Bufflehead
Female Bufflehead
Male Buffleheads
Male Bufflehead

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